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What is theta healing

In the search for help and resolve from physical or emotional pain, the quest can seem long, tedious and never ending. But whether you've been looking for help and answers for years, or whether today is the first time you've been faced with a certain challenge, the end is within your reach. You may wonder how this is possible. The answer is simple! Through a simple, yet breathtaking, technique called Theta Healing, you can experience instant change.

Theta Healing enables you to recreate your reality and choose the world you live in. You put to use your past experiences, natural intuition and relying upon a source greater than us as individuals, a source of “Infinite Wisdom” that does the work for us. All we need to do is ask.

The technique involves moving into ‘theta brain wave’ state.  It is a natural state where the brain waves slow down to 4 – 7 cycles per second, similar to hypnosis. You can enter this brain wave state immediately and you can actually watch changes occur instantaneously on the physical and emotional levels. You can change beliefs that no longer serve you that have been programmed into your DNA and you can rewrite your genetic coding with excellent results.
When you see this occur you are able to live the life you deserve, a life of abundant of health, love, joy and prosperity. Theta Healing is taught and based upon the concept that there is a source of Infinite Wisdom and unconditional love. It is easy to learn all you need to do is practise on yourself and others, with their permission.  You will realise that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healing. You can help yourself, as well as your friends and family, using this amazing process. 

The technique is a simple process able to be learnt by everyone who is open to learning and practising Theta Healing. It has already helped thousands of people in countries around the world, regardless of age, gender, sex, religion or race.

We are all faced with challenges in our lives, some of us with emotional struggles, some of us with physical ailments, and some of us deal with the uncertainty of both emotional and physical issues. Regardless of how great or small these challenges we can influence them and the quality of life can better and enjoyable.

Theta Healing quickens our vibration so that we can evolve and align with higher vibrations, connection to all that is. Our Divine self is made up of pure molecules of energy. You realise that you have the ability to understand pour potential and create miraculous transformations. If you choose to learn Theta healing then you have the opportunity to do that using the connection that we all have to Infinite Wisdom.

Theta Healing technique teaches one way for us to alleviate and remove identified misfortune from our lives. It is a way to improve your life is through a unique and unsurpassed.

Theta Healing Origins

In 1995 Vianna Stibal experienced a spontaneous healing of cancer in her leg using what she teaches as the Theta Healing technique.  She used the Theta Healing on others with miraculous results and was asked to teach the technique to others.

She is a gifted medical intuitive who has developed the ability to see into the human body and effect healings on different levels, including DNA, our genetic coding. Vianna works successfully with medical challenges such as genetic defects, hepatis, Epstein Bar Virus, tumours, cancers and much more.

Vianna teaches us how to connect with Infinite Wisdom or in her words “the creator of all that is” to co-create and facilitate the healing process. She has taken this technique to the world to teach others about Theta Healing, a quick way to heal you and others and create changes you desire. It works with the very core of your being that can heal and change instantly.

There are 5 brain wave cycles, which is the number of rotations the brain makes per second. Theta brain wave is a meditative and creative state of consciousness where we can instantly connect to Infinite Wisdom of the Creator and co-create instant healings on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.


The mind is designed to be quick and efficient. You learn how to focus it on what you want and practise using it so that you create what you want, heal your body and improve your life.

You connect with your Higher Self and Universal Wisdom to discover what it feels like to be in command of your life.

You learn how to live in creative, solution orientated energy so that you are more empowered.  And you know that your transformation is for the good of all.

The instructional work shops teach you how to identify what is limiting you, how to release negative thought patterns / beliefs, behaviours and feelings.  You witness instant changes and healings in yourself and others

The programmes are mostly hands on and will benefit everyone.  It can be used any where, any time and by anyone.


2 ½ day workshop

  • Open new brain pathways for healthy and loving relationships with yourself and with others
  • Connect with the Higher Intelligence / Universal Wisdom
  • Release past energetic connections from people, past events and situations
  • Change limiting beliefs about money, relationships, health and career
  • Install programmes to help your physical health, well being and mental attitude
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Open your natural psychic centres
  • Learn how to trust and use your intuition
  • Practise future readings


3-day workshop

  • Pre-programme your mind with beliefs that support what you desire
  • Use the Laws of Manifestation
  • Practise future readings
  •  Understand how to influence your world using your mind
  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Eliminate hundreds of limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that work for your highest and best interest
  • Connect to your Ancestors
  • Talk to your Higher Self
  • Learn about the planes of existence that govern our lives
  • Release limiting vows, agreements and contracts
  • Program non-organic materials

Prerequisite: DNA 1&2 Basic Theta


2 day workshop

  • Manifest your own reality
  • Eliminate hundreds of beliefs that block your abundance
  • Set and manifest your  intentions for abundance
  • See and create your future
  • Receive down loads of what it feels like and how to be abundant
  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities

Prerequisite: DNA 1&2 Basic Theta

Please contact Linda Taylor on 9316 6686 for dates