The TWO STEP FOCUS METHOD, with practice will improve your focus and ensure peak performance.


Focus in an unwavering way and become absorbed.  This ‘ state of absorption’ has impressive consequences –  the mind of the archer rides the arrow to the bullseye.   I was once taught at a spiritual golf lesson, to focus on where you want the ball to land rather than on how to hit it.   I taught a friend’s child how to win.  He despised losing and constantly did so when playing pool with his older brothers.  It felt good when I beat him, and I am not a good pool player.   I showed him how to focus on his breath, relax and then put all his attention on the pocket.   Each shot he took; the ball went into the pocket and I lost the game.  I guess he was a very quick learner, he wanted to win, and he trusted me as I had won a world sparring championship in Karate.  He listened and followed the good advice.  When he remembers to concentrate on the pocket he is aiming for, his brothers do not beat him.  That brings me to another point.  Become absorbed in what is beyond your goal.  I used to teach karate students to focus beyond the board that they wanted to break with a single punch.  They were surprised how easy it was to break every board.


Involves your ability to broaden or narrow your focus of absorbed attention in response to the situation.

A narrow focus of attention is necessary for individual efforts, such as, a job interview, hitting targets, kicking a ball, performing a lift at the gym, completing exam questions.

A broader or open focus is needed for teamwork, such as,  solving a problem, playing sport, remembering information for an exam.  Remember the team can be all aspects of you, your brain, muscles, sense of self, belief in self.

Lastly you can learn how to shift your focus within or without, dependent on the situation.    A long-distance runner shifts their attention outside of their body or listens to music.  However, to make things complicated a successful marathon runner shifts their attention within and views the physical sensations in a detached way and does not label these as pain.


It Takes PRACTICE to rewire your internal concentration map

  1. Practice daily, it only takes a few minutes to rewire your internal map.
  2. Practice each goal for 6 weeks, repetition creates neurological pathways that last forever
  3. Practice when you awaken and before you go to sleep


I am an experienced therapist with over 15 years experience. I practise in Botany on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and Miranda on Friday. I am an accredited supervisor with Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) and Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

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