Optimistic people take control.   Three beliefs optimistic people have improve their problem-solving, decision-making and performance.    Although these may require some training.   http://www.hypnosisworks.com.au/hypnotherapyblog/eight-creative-breathing-techniques/

Believing you have some personal control over your life situations.   Even though it appears that you haven’t,  will enhance your ability to  cope with change and your improve your self-esteem.

Focusing on optimism, what you can do, is more effective than becoming skilled in pessimism, focusing on the problem.  This was popular with Freud’s focus on pessimism and behaviorism.

It takes time and commitment to create a new psychological paradigm.    As you believe then so you will become.   Achievement and excellence happen when you:






Positive beliefs and attitudes will enhance happiness.   Even when these may not be entirely accurate. https://faculty.washington.edu/agg/pdf/Gwald_Self-decept_1997.OCR.pdf

Believing your physical health to be good, when it is fair, may enhance your health.

Even it is crazy or stupid you can create a new way of thinking about yourself.   And behaving in ways that make you feel good about yourself.

Like the woman who thought her body was ugly and fat.  She was a few kilograms overweight and became stuck in these negative, rigid thinking patterns.  Even though she received compliments from others about how good she looked that day.

This negative self-image had persisted throughout her life.  I asked her to look at teenage pictures and other earlier photographs where she thought she was fat and ugly.

When she saw those, she said “I really wasn’t that bad after all.”

It is helpful to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You can learn to see the beauty in yourself and feel good about yourself.


By believing you have some personal control over your life situations, even when little control is actually possible, enhances your self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can teach you what it feels like to feel good about yourself.

Humans are built for change, sometimes to respond to adversity.   Sometimes just for fun or for the thrill of it.

Finding new ways to change negative thinking patterns that persistently disrupt your life and your relationships can make you feel good about yourself.

Changing to more positive thinking and behavior patterns is not always easy, but with commitment and effort it is always well worth the effort.

Ponder this:

If 98% of your life is going well, and 2% going bad.   You focus on the 2 % that is going bad, then your entire life is going bad.

If 98% of your life is going bad, and 2% going well.   You focus on the 2% that is going well, then your entire life is going well.


You can learn how to strive to find meaning in personal existence.

When you can accept that life offers purpose and meaning but does not promise fulfillment or happiness, you can easily develop an optimistic mindset.

Three reasons and ways for finding meaning are:

  1. That everyone has a healthy core
  2. To focus on your internal resources
  3. Learn tools to use your inner core.

Some ways to discover more meaning in your life you can:

  1. Creating some work,  project, or by doing something
  2. Find an experience with something or someone
  3. Change your attitude toward  unavoidable suffering

Viktor Frankl in his famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning (2008), https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjEopfe5czjAhWENSsKHW2iAn4YABAAGgJzZg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2MIX0CfVSwaUETY5__3gm&sig=AOD64_0OnLGVYrwog_PwZBF1U2fP5EKO9Q&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiKoo_e5czjAhUPb30KHStDAF8Q0Qx6BAgbEAE&adurl=

says he found meaning when he fell ill in a concentration camp with typhus.

He jotted down on bits of scrap paper notes that enabled him to rewrite his manuscript for Logotherapy  https://www.verywellmind.com/an-overview-of-victor-frankl-s-logotherapy-4159308



EIGHT CREATIVE BREATHING TECHNIQUES can be used anywhere and anytime; at the office, at home or socializing.

You can interrupt negative thoughts that cycle through your mind by focusing on your breathing technique.

Some creative breathing techniques are presented to help control your thoughts.

As you slow the breath down, the heart rate slows down too, because breathing and heart rate go together.

Hypnotic suggestions and metaphors are used to master your breath https://www.amazon.com.au/Handbook-Hypnotic-Suggestions-Metaphors-Corydon-ebook/dp/B00DNTUYWO

Do each method that you like, three to four rounds.  Repeat throughout the day.


As you practice these during the day and night it will help you:

  • sleep when you want to
  • interrupt negative thoughts
  • lower anxiety
  • quieten your mind
  • bring peace and relaxation
  • settle your nervous system
  • improve concentration


  1. Slow breaths: for three rounds of in and out breaths: for the in-breath count to 4 , hold for count of 7, exhale with a whooshing sound to the count of eight.


  1. Forehead: lick two fingers and gently stroke your forehead. Imagine breathing in and out through the skin of your forehead.  Then close the eyes for a moment, relax and imagine you are out in nature and enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation
  2. Swing: imagine you are on a swing. Your inhale starts the swing.  Push the swing during one inhalation and exhalation.  When you are ready let your breath swing to its own rhythm.  Let it swing by itself.  Feel tensions swinging away with each exhalation.
  3. Diaphragm: imagine there is a balloon inside your chest.  With each inhalation you blow up the balloon, feel your chest – front, back, sides, top and bottom expand.  Hold for a count of four then let the air out of the balloon on the exhalation.  Feel the tensions leave your body with each exhalation.
  4. Breath in for a count of 5, hold your breath for as long as is comfortable . Let the air flow out on its own.   Imagine you are breathing in relaxation and exhaling tensions.
  5. Imagine your breath sets a pendulum in motion. Each inhalation sets the pendulum in motion until it finds its own rhythm.
  6. Breath in for a count of 7. As you breath out balance your out breath by counting to 7.  Be still and watch the stillness between each breath.
  7. Breath in for a count pf 7, exhale out of each body part, telling it to let go and relax.  For example, on the out breath tell your neck to let go of your head, move through each body part.



The TWO STEP FOCUS METHOD, with practice will improve your focus and ensure peak performance.


Focus in an unwavering way and become absorbed.  This ‘ state of absorption’ has impressive consequences –  the mind of the archer rides the arrow to the bullseye.   I was once taught at a spiritual golf lesson, to focus on where you want the ball to land rather than on how to hit it.   I taught a friend’s child how to win.  He despised losing and constantly did so when playing pool with his older brothers.  It felt good when I beat him, and I am not a good pool player.   I showed him how to focus on his breath, relax and then put all his attention on the pocket.   Each shot he took; the ball went into the pocket and I lost the game.  I guess he was a very quick learner, he wanted to win, and he trusted me as I had won a world sparring championship in Karate.  He listened and followed the good advice.  When he remembers to concentrate on the pocket he is aiming for, his brothers do not beat him.  That brings me to another point.  Become absorbed in what is beyond your goal.  I used to teach karate students to focus beyond the board that they wanted to break with a single punch.  They were surprised how easy it was to break every board.


Involves your ability to broaden or narrow your focus of absorbed attention in response to the situation.

A narrow focus of attention is necessary for individual efforts, such as, a job interview, hitting targets, kicking a ball, performing a lift at the gym, completing exam questions.

A broader or open focus is needed for teamwork, such as,  solving a problem, playing sport, remembering information for an exam.  Remember the team can be all aspects of you, your brain, muscles, sense of self, belief in self.

Lastly you can learn how to shift your focus within or without, dependent on the situation.    A long-distance runner shifts their attention outside of their body or listens to music.  However, to make things complicated a successful marathon runner shifts their attention within and views the physical sensations in a detached way and does not label these as pain.


It Takes PRACTICE to rewire your internal concentration map

  1. Practice daily, it only takes a few minutes to rewire your internal map.
  2. Practice each goal for 6 weeks, repetition creates neurological pathways that last forever
  3. Practice when you awaken and before you go to sleep

SELF LEADERSHIP Behaviours and Attitudes You Can Commit To

SELF LEADERSHIP: Behaviours and attitudes You can commit to

I value Courtesy and Altruism and I offer assistance, am friendly to all, welcome people, engage with helping others , am punctual, see the importance in others, rely on others and allow others to rely on me.

I value Acceptance and I understand mine and others’ strengths and weaknesses, embrace and use others’ and mine skills, co-operate with others, receive others as adequate, valid or suitable, willing to tolerate a tricky situation

I Value people and I relate and connect to others, develop social networks, care for others, communicate with others, practise empathy and compassion for myself and others, seek and use my and others’ skills

A poem about HOPE

Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen.

Love your life.

Believe in your own powers, your own potential, and in your own innate goodness.

Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive. Discover each day the magnificent, awesome beauty in the world.

Explore and embrace life in yourself and in everyone you see each day.

Reach within to find your own specialness.

Amaze yourself and rouse those around you to the potential of each new day.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect;  this is the essence of your humanity.

Let those who love you help you.

Trust enough to be able to take.

Look with hope to the horizon of today, for today is all we truly have.

Live this day well.

Let a little sun out as well as in.

Create your own rainbows.

Be open to all your possibilities.

Always believe in miracles!

– Author unknown



Weight Loss Script

Move towards your goals


I would like you to begin by just resting back, sit or lie back in a place where you can get even more comfortable.   Just closing your eyes, rest back in the way that is most comfortable for you right now.  Just become aware of the sensations in your body right now.  Settle back; shift your position to what ever most comfortable for you

This will be an opportunity to become even more comfortable and experience a hypnotic state, easily, and very gently, and very comfortably


As sit there you can notice the feelings and sensations in your body right now.  Perhaps your right arm is heavier than your left.  Of your left foot warmer than your right.  Perhaps you can notice a tingling sensation on your hands, or a sensation of warmth.   Just notice some of the sensations that you can be aware of right now.  Become aware of how the chair supports your body, whether your body feels light or heavy.  I wonder if one side is lighter than the other side?  Notice what part of your body feels most supported.   Now allow the comfort to spread to other parts of your body that can relax and let go into the comfort of that support


As you sit there, more and c0mfotable become aware of your breath.  Breathing easily, comfortable, deeply.  You may become aware of the sensations as you breathe in and then breathing out.   This time breath in for the count of seven, hold your breath, then breathe out for the count of seven.  Repeat these three times.


Just notice those feelings as you breathe in and fill your lungs; and then notice that sense of release as you breathe out.  You may notice that at times your breathing is deep and sometimes shallow and sometimes you may sigh.   It’s all fine, your r body knows how to relax and be.


And now concentrate on the feelings in your toes and feet, allow those muscles and fibres in your toes and feet to relax.   Perhaps picturing in your mind’s eye what is like to take off a pair of shoes you have had on for some time and allow all those little muscles and tissues to relax, loosely and deeply.


And now imagine that this comfort and relaxation spreads upwards like a gentle river of relaxation, flowing upwards, through your ankles and into your calves, your knees and into your thighs.  Notice how your hip muscles relax and let go of your thighs and your feet can relax.   Because there is nothing special for you to do, no demands being placed upon you, no expectations.   And you don’t even need to be aware of that

It’s just natural and normal your body knows how to relax and let go of those things it doesn’t need any more.

And allow that comfort to continue flowing upward into you’re the middle part of your body. Through your hips and into your lower back, letting that soothing deep comfort spread, centimetre by centimetre up through you body.


Gradually, progressively flowing into your chest, into your back, between your shoulder blades.  All the tension loosens and flows away ss if somehow just the act of breathing is increasing your comfort.  Allow that comfort to flow into your neck and throat, to deeply, softly, comfortable relax

Let that relaxation sink deep into your neck

And inside your mind tell your neck to let go of your head

You will notice that sensation of release.

Relaxation is a mental and physical process, what you tell yourself has the greatest influence over your life, what you tell yourself determines whether you feel happy or sad.  Tell yourself you a learning to respect your body by watching what you eat, healthy food choices.


You are now standing at the top of a beautiful white marble stair way each step you go down you double your relaxation.


And now I would like you to listen carefully to what I have to say to you

And I want to continue to talk with you in a way that feels most receptive you

And I want to speak to that part of you that exactly what to do to help you get what you want.  You know what you want


And now you can allow these suggestions to go deeply into your two minds

The conscious mind and unconscious mind and they will be there to influences you

only in positive and beneficial ways for you


Day by day, you will have

Increased feelings of confidence

Self assurance as you realize that

You are becoming a new


More energetic

More attractive

Healthier you

You can and will reach your desired weight,

You can, and you will reach your desired body shape and size


Picture yourself at your ideal weight, body shape and size

You are standing in front of a full-length mirror

Study what you look like

See your reflection


Stream lined and attractive

Notice your good points

Your eyes, skin, shape (long pause)

Now you can change this image whenever you wish

Change the clothes you where in this image

Because this is the real you

The one you are determined to set free now (long pause)

Now step inside the mirror and

Notice what tit feels like

To be the real you

Notice how light you feel

Without all the unnecessary carry to carry around (pause)

Step outside the mirror


And walk around

Notice how good that feels

\how light you feel

Without all that unnecessary weight

Tell yourself that you are

You can, and you will

Look and fell like this

Because this is the real you

Which has been hidden and imprisoned by all this unnecessary weight


To set free


I will count from 1 to 10 and as I do so you can drift up towards conscious awareness or drift further down into deep sleep ready …by the time I get to 10 you will be fully awake and refreshed or deeply asleep and awaken when you are ready


1 becoming aware of your breathing

2 drifting up

3 moving your toes bringing sensations back into your body

4 moving your fingers

5 wriggling your shoulders

6…7….almost awake now

9 and 10 eyes wide open


Your subconscious mind has all the confidence you need


The subconscious mind is powerful and cannot tell the difference between imagination and real life.  Hypnotherapy shows you how to visualise and get your mind to make what you want a reality.

Gone blank and forgotten a name at that critical point then it washes up on the shore of your conscious mind at a later stage.  Just imagine how easy it might be then to forget to smoke when you are having a coffee.  You forget to stop off at your local gambling venue on the way home from work only to wake up the next morning feeling better about yourself.

There are no swaying watches, this is Clinical Hypnotherapy and it is amazing what the mind can do when you train it to stay on your chosen track.

Linda Taylor from Botany has fourteen years’ experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Three things influence a successful outcome, the person’s willingness to change, the suggestions used, how you go into a trance and your rapport with the therapist.  Linda says “when people are open to Hypnotherapy and self-development it is easier to get the desired results”.

Sue went to her for 3 sessions to address her phobic response to flying.   She had booked a flight to America for a much needed holiday with her partner. Only problem was she had a fear of flying and had pulled out of previous flights because of it.    It worsened, every time to saw or heard a plane her heart rate increased, her palms were sweaty, and she panicked.  On one occasion she was at the airport, heard over the loud speaker “last boarding call for Flight 234 to Los Angels”.  She started to shake and felt nauseous, much to her partner’s dismay she refused to go on the plane.

And there was Jo who worked in the city and would panic on the train to work.  She felt trapped and needed to get off the train without making it to the city.  She had used all her sick leave and friends were not always able to drive her to work.  By the time she saw Linda she was disheartened and refused to leave the house.  Linda says “people get anxious over their anxiety which makes it seem too hard to change”.  But many people discover it is easy to change, if they can create a panic state then they can create a relaxed state, you just need to learn what to focus on and practise.

By the time she hit her late 30’s she had a heart condition and the doctor told her the cigarettes had to go.

Hypnotherapy changes lives and it is odd what a mind will do when it wants to change behaviour. Take Mary for instance, not her real name, had been smoking since her earl teens

She tried the usual things like willpower and patches but the habit wouldn’t budge. So she went to Linda to see if a bit of hypnosis could help.  A couple of sessions down the track Mary was able to kick her habit, replacing it with exercise.  “You have to want to give up smoking and it is important to find a positive replacement otherwise you might turn to something negative, like overeating.” Says Linda.

While Mary’s greater subconscious mind decided on exercise as a fair replacement, others took up munching carrots, flicking an elastic band on the writs, or visualising a stop sign that seemed to work.


A Child’s Vivid Imagination can Place Monsters Under the Bed

A child’s vivid imagination can place monsters under the bed or transform a cubby house into a haven.   The imagined monsters can trigger the same reactions as if they were real, as does being in a cubby house trigger feelings of safety and comfort.

There is a thin curtain between imagined events and real ones

Everyone has heard that practice makes perfect, and that this old saying suggests that mastery of a new skill or the development of a new habit requires rehearsal.   What you need to keep in mind is that learning occurs in response to imagined scenes. and imagined rehearsals.

Imagine engaging in some experience, let us say a job interview and then imagine some pleasantly rewarding outcome.  You receive a call and the head interviewer says “congratulations, you got the job.”

The imagined behaviour makes it more likely for this to occur in real life.  Significant improvements happen in performance following imagined rehearsals of sporting events, performing arts, doing an exam, talking to a friend.

When people imagine how they want to behave and feel they find it easier to change their attitudes.

Efforts to use imagined events to improve learning, positive mental sets and responses are enhanced with progressive relaxation training.

I remember back to when I won a world championship in martial arts.  In the lead up, I would imagine every detail of being the winner.  I could see and feel myself standing on the podium in first position with the Australian flag around my shoulders.  I could smell my gloves and the feel of people patting me on the back saying, “well done, you deserved to win.”  I imagined going through every fight as the winner and repeat this exercise every day for a few months.  It worked, I won the open black belt championships and beat many highly successful fighters, all of them younger than me.

Absorption of Hypnotic Trance

The vivid imagination of a child can place monsters under the bed and so can you, place fears wherever you choose.

Indeed, trance can be used to generate an intense, effortless participation on imagined events and change the outcome from failure to success.

With focused attention and absorption of hypnotic trance you can take the power of imaginary resources beyond the use of ordinary visual imagery – you use all your senses, sight, smell, sensation, taste and sound.

While completely absorbed in these imagined scenes, you can practise new response patterns and rehearse new skills or sharpen old ones

Confidence and Self-Belief

When you believe you can do something, then the chances of success are higher.  People with high self-efficacy perceive themselves as being in control.  Self-efficacy, a “I can do” attitude is increased by engineering success experiences.  What is often quite difficult to accomplish becomes easier with role playing and mental rehearsal techniques to enhance coping abilities and positive expectations for specific situations.

Hypnotic techniques give an abundance of opportunities for enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy.   Enhancing self esteem is a powerful tool in working with the diversity of problems: anxiety, depression, lack confidence, substance misuse, over reactivity, stress disorder, panic, phobic reactions, eating disorders, performance.

Hypnosis is Not a New Practice

Research shows that the effectiveness of hypnosis is extensive.  National Health Institutes have endorsed it and in Australia some Health Funds cover Hypnosis.   It is a natural state of consciousness where you hear what is being said and aware of what is happening.  It is safe, and you are conscious the whole time and your powers of concentration are exponentially heightened.

Life traumas affect us mentally, emotionally and physiologically and can limit our functioning in everyday life.   When life deals the deck, we suffer stress that can manifest in many ways.

Take Brenda, not her real name, who was suffering from acute anxiety.  The anxiety attacks were frequent and intense with associated migraines, nausea and feelings of panic when in crowds.   She is a professional women with two children and the anxiety needed to stop.  Over a several sessions, using a mix of counselling and hypnosis, the attacks lessened in intensity and frequency until the symptoms disappeared and Brenda was happy, calm and ready to return to work.   She learnt how to soothe herself, or practised self-hypnosis as some might call it,  and to listen the calm, confident and supportive voice inside of her.

And there was Peter, not his real name, whose stressful job had taken its toll.  He was unable to cope with the smallest of decisions both at home and at work.  His relationship with his partner suffered and caused concern with his performance at work.  After several hypnosis and counselling sessions he could put things into a more positive perspective and release past painful experiences.  He was more focused, his work life improved and his intimate relationship became more meaningful.

There is no doubt that hypnosis works and has many applications.


Be Your Best Self and Replace Negative Thoughts

Be Your Best Self and Replace Negative Thoughts

Your mental and physical health  are major concerns and you decide what will or will not happen with regards to you wellbeing.  Learning how to be your best self and replace negative thoughts can be easy with hypnotherapy and counselling.

Mental Mind Sets

Thoughts originate from mental mind sets and help you function in daily life.

Some are positive, if you believe you can do something then you can.  Having a goal to raise money for a charity, completing the City to Surf, changing your career, and stopping smoking are some examples.

Some mind sets are harsh and rigid and you get stuck like glue, in negative thinking and behaviour patterns.  Many perfectionists put things off because of an unconscious belief they will fail or get rejected.  The perfectionist unconsciously knows “I may as well not even start if I can’t do something perfectly.”  This is a belief will  only bring misery because there is no way to measure whose the best anyway.  remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

People are willing to believe and act on thoughts no matter how illogical these are.    You may be someone who bets on a horse in the Melbourne Cup and really believe it will win.    A study that ranked peoples’ driving skills discovered that people who have caused one or more accidents really believe they are superior drivers.

Internal Self Critic

We live in a world constructed by our own beliefs, attitudes and values that determine our mind sets.  Some of these are deceptive and there is nothing wrong with this.   Mental sets are internal and inner valuable resources that  guide and reassure us.

Even the internal self critical part wants us to be the best we can.   Many people live with a harsh view about their bodies, and torture themselves with how fat they think they are and for eating something they think they shouldn’t.  Even after looking a past photos of themselves and thinking “I wasn’t that bad, if only I was like that now.”

One way to deal with the debilitating and negative self critic is to view it as an old acquaintance who turns up at your house, as an uninvited guest.  You allow them to be there but ignore them.    As you get better in listening to your ‘best self”  and ignoring self critic then it will eventually quieten down and go away.

When you learn to support and accept yourself you can be your best self and replace negative thoughts.   Life becomes much more pleasant and easier and your body functions in a tension free environment.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling Helps You Change

It takes courage to change negative beliefs and behaviours into more positive ones.   When you change your beliefs your unconscious mind directs you to access more useful information rather than repeat mental ruts.  You can shift to new behaviours and attitudes.

Hypnosis helps you to:

  • focus on what you want
  • stabilise the shifts to new behaviours and attitudes
  • use your imagination to get positive thoughts into your unconscious mind
  • freedom to observe or become absorbed in the positive changes
  • let go of what you don’t need any more
  • watch as the changes occur

Hypnosis is going into trance to bypass any conscious resistance to change.  You give yourself the opportunity to come to identify negative beliefs and attitudes and try out new more positive ones.

Counselling, using change talk, and hypnotherapy together creates a safe and protective environment for you the create the positive mind sets.  No-one will tell you what to do but rather create an environment for self awareness and mindfulness for you to change what, when and how you want to.  Repetition is necessary to change those stubborn negative thoughts and each session enhances your ability to:

  • self evaluate in kinder and more gentler ways
  • be more assertive
  • automatically move towards positive beliefs and attitudes
  • being more optimistic and successful
  • enhance your performance
  • search for what’s right rather than what’s wrong
  • like yourself more and more
  • be your best self and replace negative thoughts

When you work with me, as your hypnotherapist and counselor,  your safety, privacy and confidentiality are paramount.  I create a supportive and accepting environment for your unconscious mind to make the changes you want, when you want them and you decide how to make them.

In your imagination try this

I was once told the smell of fresh peaches can reduce pain and the smell of spiced apples lessens stress.  Listening to the word ‘sleep’ for the one thousandth time your mind shuts down and you go to sleep.

Practise this as many times as you can a day:


Think of a time when you felt strong, either emotionally, physically or intellectually.   It can be a major accomplishment or something you did for yourself or someone else that made you feel good about yourself.   Allow this memory to surface into your imagination and focus on the feelings you had at that time.  Notice where you feel this and what it is like.     Now amplify these feelings until they spread throughout your entire body and know that   these feelings are always beating within your heart.  Pay attention to this good feeling throughout the day.

Ideal Relationships: having a secure bond

Imagine the qualities your ideal partner.  See an image of him or her moving towards you, at the right pace for you.  This ideal partner is at just the right distance for you to feel safe and protected.  You are absorbed and captivated in your ideal partner as he or she is in you.  You have special bond and gaze at each others’ eyes with tenderness.  You both reach out and hold hands, feeling connected.  You can easily get each others’ attention and it is easy to emotionally connect.  You know you come first with each other and you can safely share your deepest feelings with each other.

For more information on understanding relationships and couples therapy visit http://lindataylor.com.au/



Breath is life and it’s free

When you stop and think about it, breathing is the gift of life and it’s
free. Focussing on your breathing is a proven way to manage
stress. It will help you stay calm and focused throughout the day and
it will help you sleep at night. Investing 42 seconds, 3 times a day
(more if you choose) to  learn this vital skill will pay for itself over
and over again.In these 42 seconds signals sent to your brain say that the threat is
over and the Parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System starts to
reverse the biochemical and physiological changes brought about by the stress
While breathing is controlled mainly through the Autonomic Nervous
System, you can consciously influence your breathing and help switch
off the stress response through changing your breathing style from fast and
short to slow and deep breathing.

Learning conscious breathing

You just need to learn how to  bring awareness to your
breath.  Just like any other skill it takes a bit of
practise.  All it takes is 42 seconds of conscious breathing, 3
times a day.  Before you go to sleep, when you awaken and once during the
day is a start.  Try it for 4 weeks, you can practise at any
time, in any place, and no one will even be aware what you are doing.
Practise when sitting on a bus, a train or in traffic, before and during a
visit to the dentist or doctor, before a job interview, an exam or giving
a presentation, do it before meeting someone new.

How to practise conscious breathing:

1. Take a deep breath in and out, notice if your in breath and out breath are similar, for example, as long or as short as each other

2. The aim is to balance your in and out breath

3. As you breath in count to 7 and as you exhale count to 7

4. Repeat this for 3 breaths

Breath, smile, relax, breath again

Antidepressants do more harm than good

Antidepressant medication are the first-line treatment for people meeting the current diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder.  They are designed to throw into confusion the mechanisms that regulates the neurotransmitter seretonin. 

Seretonin regulates many adaptive processes, including: emotions, development, nueronal growth and death, blood clotting, electrolyte balance, attention and reproduction.

Anti depressants at their best have a moderate effect in managing depressive symptoms for some people however they can increase the brain’s capacity for future episodes  after they are discontinued. They  can also cause developmental problems, adverse effects on sexuality, increase the risk of bleeding, stroke and death in the elderly.

The brain has the ability to balance itself with the right techniques, relaxation, meditation, behaviours  and lots of practise.