Be Your Best Self and Replace Negative Thoughts

Be Your Best Self and Replace Negative Thoughts

Your mental and physical health  are major concerns and you decide what will or will not happen with regards to you wellbeing.  Learning how to be your best self and replace negative thoughts can be easy with hypnotherapy and counselling.

Mental Mind Sets

Thoughts originate from mental mind sets and help you function in daily life.

Some are positive, if you believe you can do something then you can.  Having a goal to raise money for a charity, completing the City to Surf, changing your career, and stopping smoking are some examples.

Some mind sets are harsh and rigid and you get stuck like glue, in negative thinking and behaviour patterns.  Many perfectionists put things off because of an unconscious belief they will fail or get rejected.  The perfectionist unconsciously knows “I may as well not even start if I can’t do something perfectly.”  This is a belief will  only bring misery because there is no way to measure whose the best anyway.  remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

People are willing to believe and act on thoughts no matter how illogical these are.    You may be someone who bets on a horse in the Melbourne Cup and really believe it will win.    A study that ranked peoples’ driving skills discovered that people who have caused one or more accidents really believe they are superior drivers.

Internal Self Critic

We live in a world constructed by our own beliefs, attitudes and values that determine our mind sets.  Some of these are deceptive and there is nothing wrong with this.   Mental sets are internal and inner valuable resources that  guide and reassure us.

Even the internal self critical part wants us to be the best we can.   Many people live with a harsh view about their bodies, and torture themselves with how fat they think they are and for eating something they think they shouldn’t.  Even after looking a past photos of themselves and thinking “I wasn’t that bad, if only I was like that now.”

One way to deal with the debilitating and negative self critic is to view it as an old acquaintance who turns up at your house, as an uninvited guest.  You allow them to be there but ignore them.    As you get better in listening to your ‘best self”  and ignoring self critic then it will eventually quieten down and go away.

When you learn to support and accept yourself you can be your best self and replace negative thoughts.   Life becomes much more pleasant and easier and your body functions in a tension free environment.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling Helps You Change

It takes courage to change negative beliefs and behaviours into more positive ones.   When you change your beliefs your unconscious mind directs you to access more useful information rather than repeat mental ruts.  You can shift to new behaviours and attitudes.

Hypnosis helps you to:

  • focus on what you want
  • stabilise the shifts to new behaviours and attitudes
  • use your imagination to get positive thoughts into your unconscious mind
  • freedom to observe or become absorbed in the positive changes
  • let go of what you don’t need any more
  • watch as the changes occur

Hypnosis is going into trance to bypass any conscious resistance to change.  You give yourself the opportunity to come to identify negative beliefs and attitudes and try out new more positive ones.

Counselling, using change talk, and hypnotherapy together creates a safe and protective environment for you the create the positive mind sets.  No-one will tell you what to do but rather create an environment for self awareness and mindfulness for you to change what, when and how you want to.  Repetition is necessary to change those stubborn negative thoughts and each session enhances your ability to:

  • self evaluate in kinder and more gentler ways
  • be more assertive
  • automatically move towards positive beliefs and attitudes
  • being more optimistic and successful
  • enhance your performance
  • search for what’s right rather than what’s wrong
  • like yourself more and more
  • be your best self and replace negative thoughts

When you work with me, as your hypnotherapist and counselor,  your safety, privacy and confidentiality are paramount.  I create a supportive and accepting environment for your unconscious mind to make the changes you want, when you want them and you decide how to make them.

In your imagination try this

I was once told the smell of fresh peaches can reduce pain and the smell of spiced apples lessens stress.  Listening to the word ‘sleep’ for the one thousandth time your mind shuts down and you go to sleep.

Practise this as many times as you can a day:


Think of a time when you felt strong, either emotionally, physically or intellectually.   It can be a major accomplishment or something you did for yourself or someone else that made you feel good about yourself.   Allow this memory to surface into your imagination and focus on the feelings you had at that time.  Notice where you feel this and what it is like.     Now amplify these feelings until they spread throughout your entire body and know that   these feelings are always beating within your heart.  Pay attention to this good feeling throughout the day.

Ideal Relationships: having a secure bond

Imagine the qualities your ideal partner.  See an image of him or her moving towards you, at the right pace for you.  This ideal partner is at just the right distance for you to feel safe and protected.  You are absorbed and captivated in your ideal partner as he or she is in you.  You have special bond and gaze at each others’ eyes with tenderness.  You both reach out and hold hands, feeling connected.  You can easily get each others’ attention and it is easy to emotionally connect.  You know you come first with each other and you can safely share your deepest feelings with each other.

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Smoking causes premature ageing

One of my clients was a personal trainer, who came along for hypnotherapy to stop smoking.  He looks older than me, even though I am 12 years older than him! That’s not so surprising, as smokers do age prematurely, and it does affect their appearance.

Smoking will:

  • shorten your breath and inhibit the amount of oxygen you need to be healthy
  • cause premature wrinkling to your skin
  • reduce the blood supply to your skin, so you will look paler
  • reduce the vitamin A levels in your body
  • stain your teeth and cause bad breath
  • increase the risk of periodontal (gum) disease.

Practising to live as a non-smoker is easy every time you say “no” to a cigarette, and you can slow down the ageing process immediately. After all, the most attractive, good-looking people are healthy people!

Fitness trainers who smoke

I was at the front of the aerobic class and smelt cigarette smoke.  I was pretty shocked when I realised it was the instructor who smoked! She looked pasty and the smell was not good. No amount of tic tacs, chewing gum or perfume can mask the smell of nicotine, especially when you are sweating. I moved to the back of the class to avoid the smell. That’s what many people do when they are around those who smoke.

Stopping smoking is easy when you learn how. My new book Now Stop Smoking can help you stop, using the simple techniques of hypnotherapy for smoking. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you can breathe easier!

Hypnotherapy – The Smoking Gun!

Hi, I’m Linda Taylor and I’ve helped over a 1,000 clients to stop smoking using my own experience as an ex-smoker and my practice as a hypnotherapist and counsellor.

In my new book Now Stop Smoking I outline life skills that will assist you, so you no longer need the addiction to cigarettes to enhance your day.

I’ll show you ways to:
• feel safe and protected without having to smoke
• have good boundaries within your relationships
• achieve what you need and want in healthy, loving ways – without poisoning yourself with cigarettes
• stop the past influencing you in negative ways
• practice and maintain balance in your life by bringing the mind and body together.

The activities included in each chapter give you the tools to practice these positive skills, which are proven to be very effective in individual and group hypnotherapy. Case studies are also provided, which demonstrate how others have been successful using these strategies.

You deserve to love, respect and care for yourself too. With self-hypnosis you can take control and stop smoking now!

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