Weight Loss Script

Move towards your goals


I would like you to begin by just resting back, sit or lie back in a place where you can get even more comfortable.   Just closing your eyes, rest back in the way that is most comfortable for you right now.  Just become aware of the sensations in your body right now.  Settle back; shift your position to what ever most comfortable for you

This will be an opportunity to become even more comfortable and experience a hypnotic state, easily, and very gently, and very comfortably


As sit there you can notice the feelings and sensations in your body right now.  Perhaps your right arm is heavier than your left.  Of your left foot warmer than your right.  Perhaps you can notice a tingling sensation on your hands, or a sensation of warmth.   Just notice some of the sensations that you can be aware of right now.  Become aware of how the chair supports your body, whether your body feels light or heavy.  I wonder if one side is lighter than the other side?  Notice what part of your body feels most supported.   Now allow the comfort to spread to other parts of your body that can relax and let go into the comfort of that support


As you sit there, more and c0mfotable become aware of your breath.  Breathing easily, comfortable, deeply.  You may become aware of the sensations as you breathe in and then breathing out.   This time breath in for the count of seven, hold your breath, then breathe out for the count of seven.  Repeat these three times.


Just notice those feelings as you breathe in and fill your lungs; and then notice that sense of release as you breathe out.  You may notice that at times your breathing is deep and sometimes shallow and sometimes you may sigh.   It’s all fine, your r body knows how to relax and be.


And now concentrate on the feelings in your toes and feet, allow those muscles and fibres in your toes and feet to relax.   Perhaps picturing in your mind’s eye what is like to take off a pair of shoes you have had on for some time and allow all those little muscles and tissues to relax, loosely and deeply.


And now imagine that this comfort and relaxation spreads upwards like a gentle river of relaxation, flowing upwards, through your ankles and into your calves, your knees and into your thighs.  Notice how your hip muscles relax and let go of your thighs and your feet can relax.   Because there is nothing special for you to do, no demands being placed upon you, no expectations.   And you don’t even need to be aware of that

It’s just natural and normal your body knows how to relax and let go of those things it doesn’t need any more.

And allow that comfort to continue flowing upward into you’re the middle part of your body. Through your hips and into your lower back, letting that soothing deep comfort spread, centimetre by centimetre up through you body.


Gradually, progressively flowing into your chest, into your back, between your shoulder blades.  All the tension loosens and flows away ss if somehow just the act of breathing is increasing your comfort.  Allow that comfort to flow into your neck and throat, to deeply, softly, comfortable relax

Let that relaxation sink deep into your neck

And inside your mind tell your neck to let go of your head

You will notice that sensation of release.

Relaxation is a mental and physical process, what you tell yourself has the greatest influence over your life, what you tell yourself determines whether you feel happy or sad.  Tell yourself you a learning to respect your body by watching what you eat, healthy food choices.


You are now standing at the top of a beautiful white marble stair way each step you go down you double your relaxation.


And now I would like you to listen carefully to what I have to say to you

And I want to continue to talk with you in a way that feels most receptive you

And I want to speak to that part of you that exactly what to do to help you get what you want.  You know what you want


And now you can allow these suggestions to go deeply into your two minds

The conscious mind and unconscious mind and they will be there to influences you

only in positive and beneficial ways for you


Day by day, you will have

Increased feelings of confidence

Self assurance as you realize that

You are becoming a new


More energetic

More attractive

Healthier you

You can and will reach your desired weight,

You can, and you will reach your desired body shape and size


Picture yourself at your ideal weight, body shape and size

You are standing in front of a full-length mirror

Study what you look like

See your reflection


Stream lined and attractive

Notice your good points

Your eyes, skin, shape (long pause)

Now you can change this image whenever you wish

Change the clothes you where in this image

Because this is the real you

The one you are determined to set free now (long pause)

Now step inside the mirror and

Notice what tit feels like

To be the real you

Notice how light you feel

Without all the unnecessary carry to carry around (pause)

Step outside the mirror


And walk around

Notice how good that feels

\how light you feel

Without all that unnecessary weight

Tell yourself that you are

You can, and you will

Look and fell like this

Because this is the real you

Which has been hidden and imprisoned by all this unnecessary weight


To set free


I will count from 1 to 10 and as I do so you can drift up towards conscious awareness or drift further down into deep sleep ready …by the time I get to 10 you will be fully awake and refreshed or deeply asleep and awaken when you are ready


1 becoming aware of your breathing

2 drifting up

3 moving your toes bringing sensations back into your body

4 moving your fingers

5 wriggling your shoulders

6…7….almost awake now

9 and 10 eyes wide open



I am an experienced therapist with over 15 years experience. I practise in Botany on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and Miranda on Friday. I am an accredited supervisor with Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) and Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

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