Your subconscious mind has all the confidence you need


The subconscious mind is powerful and cannot tell the difference between imagination and real life.  Hypnotherapy shows you how to visualise and get your mind to make what you want a reality.

Gone blank and forgotten a name at that critical point then it washes up on the shore of your conscious mind at a later stage.  Just imagine how easy it might be then to forget to smoke when you are having a coffee.  You forget to stop off at your local gambling venue on the way home from work only to wake up the next morning feeling better about yourself.

There are no swaying watches, this is Clinical Hypnotherapy and it is amazing what the mind can do when you train it to stay on your chosen track.

Linda Taylor from Botany has fourteen years’ experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Three things influence a successful outcome, the person’s willingness to change, the suggestions used, how you go into a trance and your rapport with the therapist.  Linda says “when people are open to Hypnotherapy and self-development it is easier to get the desired results”.

Sue went to her for 3 sessions to address her phobic response to flying.   She had booked a flight to America for a much needed holiday with her partner. Only problem was she had a fear of flying and had pulled out of previous flights because of it.    It worsened, every time to saw or heard a plane her heart rate increased, her palms were sweaty, and she panicked.  On one occasion she was at the airport, heard over the loud speaker “last boarding call for Flight 234 to Los Angels”.  She started to shake and felt nauseous, much to her partner’s dismay she refused to go on the plane.

And there was Jo who worked in the city and would panic on the train to work.  She felt trapped and needed to get off the train without making it to the city.  She had used all her sick leave and friends were not always able to drive her to work.  By the time she saw Linda she was disheartened and refused to leave the house.  Linda says “people get anxious over their anxiety which makes it seem too hard to change”.  But many people discover it is easy to change, if they can create a panic state then they can create a relaxed state, you just need to learn what to focus on and practise.

By the time she hit her late 30’s she had a heart condition and the doctor told her the cigarettes had to go.

Hypnotherapy changes lives and it is odd what a mind will do when it wants to change behaviour. Take Mary for instance, not her real name, had been smoking since her earl teens

She tried the usual things like willpower and patches but the habit wouldn’t budge. So she went to Linda to see if a bit of hypnosis could help.  A couple of sessions down the track Mary was able to kick her habit, replacing it with exercise.  “You have to want to give up smoking and it is important to find a positive replacement otherwise you might turn to something negative, like overeating.” Says Linda.

While Mary’s greater subconscious mind decided on exercise as a fair replacement, others took up munching carrots, flicking an elastic band on the writs, or visualising a stop sign that seemed to work.



I am an experienced therapist with over 15 years experience. I practise in Botany on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and Miranda on Friday. I am an accredited supervisor with Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) and Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

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